Below you can see the program of the previous edition. More information about the following edition will follow soon.

Day 1, 16 April 2019

3d printing materials conference program 3d design & engineering conference program
08:45 09:25
Welcome and Registration
09:25 09:30 tessa ten cate program Moderator, Tessa ten Cate, Program Manager Additive Manufacturing, Brightlands Materials Center , More information dsm program  
09:30 10:00 nirali surati program Nirali Surati, Product Manager, DSM Additive Manufacturing, on ‘The ‘eco system’ approach from materials – printer – to post processing (part one)’, More information dsm program  
10:00 10:30 maxime legrand program Simon Kasböck, Business Development Manager Additive Manufacturing, ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH, Germany, on “3D Printing with new materials like silicones, epoxy resins and polyurethanes”, More information visotec program  
10:30 11:00 lucas janssen program Lucas Janssen, Continuous Fibre Additive Manufacturing, Operations Director, CEAD group, on “Large scale continuous fibre additive manufacturing for buildings and transportation sectors”, More information CEAD program  
11:00 11:30
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11:30 12:00 Geraldine Schnelting program Geraldine Schnelting, Materials Scientist, Green PAC, on “Stereolithography 3D Printing with biobased resins”,More information nhl stenden program  
12:00 12:30 andrea gasperini Andrea Gasperini, Scientist, Brightlands Materials Center, on “Embedding Unique Functionalities in composites by continuous fiber printing”, More information dsm program  
12:30 13:30
Lunch and visit expo
13:30 14:00 Orlando Sardaro program Orlando Sardaro, Managing Director, Design8, on “Don’t simulate your design, design your simulation!”, More information design8 program  
14:00 14:30 Miguel Fernandez-Vicente program Miguel Fernandez-Vicente, Advanced Research Engineer, Design for Additive Manufacturing, National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (The MTC), UK, on “Changing the design mindset with 3D Printing. Examples from the UK National Centre for AM”, More information mtc program  
14:30 15:00 flanders make program Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani, Project Manager, Flanders Make, on “How to boost Additive Manufacturing (AM) for serial production? Opportunities to improve AM processes and Machines”, More information flanders make program  
15:00 15:30
Break and visit expo
15:30 16:00 mats sjöstedt program Mats Sjöstedt, VP Business development and Sales, Quintus Technologies AB, Sweden, on “Experince from HIP and Heat treatment of Printed Inconnel 718 and Ti6Al4”, More information quintus program  
16:00 16:30 stijn brilman program Stijn Brilman, Additive Manufacturing Pre-sales Consultant, cards plm solutions, on “Industrializing AM and merging the worlds of additive manufacturing and machining”, More information cards plm program  
16:30 17:00 maxime legrand program Maxime Legrand, additive manufacturing engineer, Sirris, on “Printing multi-hardness parts with SLS”, More information sirris program  
17:00 18:00
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Day 2, 17 April 2019

3d printing postprocessing conference program 4d printing & meta materials conference program
08:45 09:30
Welcome and Registration
09:30 10:00 joseph crabtree program Joseph Crabtree, Founder & CEO, Additive Manufacturing Technologies, on ‘The ‘eco system’ approach from materials – printer – to post processing (part two)’, More information   Andreas Heinrich Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinrich, Aalen University, Center for Optical Technologies, Germany, on “Additive manufacturing of passive and active optical components”, More information  
10:00 10:30 manual michiels program Manuel Michiels, Market Innovation Manager, Materialise, on “Digitalisation offers the keys of Additive manufacturing inside of the Industry 4.0 eco-system”, More information   Monssef DRISSI-HABTI program Monssef Drissi-Habti, Research Professor, The French Institute for Transport, IFSTTAR / Director, The Consortium Durability of Smart Composite Structures (GIS DURSI), France, on “Smart Composite Structures – Applications in Offshore Energy Generation”, More information  
10:30 11:00 arjan de bruin program Arjan de Bruin, Innovation Consultant, Vereniging ION, on “Results of some practical experiments by the surface treatment industry”, More information   hiroya tanaka program Duo Presentation: Hiroya Tanaka, Professor, Keio University Social Fabrication Lab , & Hitomi Kuboki, Student, Keio University Social Fabrication Lab , on “4D Printing for Smart Cities”, More information  
11:00 11:45
Coffee Break and visit expo
11:45 12:15 Maximilian Kraus program Maximilian Kraus, Sales & Business Development EMEA, DyeMansion GmbH, on “Industrial Finishing Solutions for High-Volume AM Applications”, More information   miguel bessa program Miguel Bessa, Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology on “Design of a super-compressible metamaterial by machine learning and additive manufacturing”, More information  
12:15 12:45 wolfgangn hansal program Dr. Wolfgang Hansal, Managing Director, Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces GmbH , on “Automated Surface Finishing for 3D-printed metal parts as enabler for serial production”, More information   David Dykstra program David Dykstra, PhD Researcher, University of Amsterdam, Institute of Physics on “Dynamic Mechanical Metamaterials”, More information  
12:45 14:15
Lunch and visit expo
am integrated factory conference program 4d printing & meta materials conference program
14:15 14:45 eric klemp program Eric Klemp, COO, voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center GmbH, on “Opportunities and Chances of Additive Manufacturing for Components and Tools”, More information   mohamed zanaty program Mohamed Zanaty, Postdoctoral scientist, EPFL, on “Programmable Meta-materials Based on Multistable Meta-atoms”, More information  
14:45 15:15 onno pontfoort program Onno Ponfoort, Practice Leader 3D Printing, Berenschot on “Towards a guideline for quality assured 3D Printed spare parts”, More information   jun wu program Jun Wu, Assistant Professor, TU Delft on “Topology optimization of structures with metamaterials”, More information  
15:15 15:45
Coffee Break and visit expo
15:45 16:15 coen de graaf program Coen de Graaf, Projectleader Vanguard, Province of Brabant, on “Interregional collaboration on 3D Printing”, More information   Jori van der Kolk program Duo Presentation
Jori van der Kolk, Industrial Design Student, Eindhoven University of Technology on “A DIY approach to Rapid Liquid Printing”, More information
16:15 16:45 harry kleijnen program Harry Kleijnen, Key Account Manager, Additive Industries, on “Accelerating Additive Manufacturing with process automation and integration”, More information   Vimukthi Gunatilleke program Duo presentation
Vimukthi Gunatilleke, Industrial Design Student, Eindhoven University of Technology on “A DIY approach to Rapid Liquid Printing”, More information
16:45 18:00
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